Jan Daněk


Repairs, Renovation, Copies, Replicas…

Promotional items, Signboards…

Marionettes and puppets

Gilded carvings, Polychromy

Carvings according to your designs and requirements…

Wood is beautiful, it suits any interior.

The animation reguired flash player

This presentation serves as an example of my work. It should not be understood as a product catalog with shopping cart. Nearly all of the items have been made according to an individual order and they are not “in stock”. If you interested in any of the items shown, I can make some that are not identical but very similar to those on the website.

The prices need to be negotiated individually for each particular order. Due to the diversity of orders it is not possible to make a standard, all-encompassing pricelist.

For questions, orders or remarks please use any of the contacts in the Contacts section.