Jan Daněk


Marionettes’ heads

Most of the marionette heads displayed here are part of one order. The examples marked with „ rpl.gif, 48B “ have been made according to precious originals from the first half of the 20th century.

The original heads were about 70-150 mm tall, while the newly made heads are larger and they are designed for marionettes about 70-80 cm tall.

Like the originals, the replicas are carved from linden wood.


prehl01_hlavicky_sm.jpg, 4,0kB

Head No. 1


03_sm.jpg, 4,2kB


prehl04_hlavicky_sm.jpg, 3,9kB


05_sm.jpg, 4,3kB


06_sm.jpg, 3,7kB

Head No. 2

Head No. 3

Head No. 4

Head No. 5